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The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Feb 14, 2019

FDA BETRAYS EXPECTING MOTHERS! SacBee Fake News Scandal; Globe and Mail Targets Free Speech; FDA Betrays Expecting Mothers; Updates from the States

Feb 9, 2019

BIG PHARMA UNHINGED! Big Pharma Unhinged; Indignant HHS Refuses Safety; Experiments on the Handicapped?!; Exiled Doc Healing Cancers

Jan 31, 2019

Measles Mania; ICAN Vs HHS Continued; Moms Banned From Support Group; Authors of ‘The Unvaccinated Child’

Jan 24, 2019

US GOVERNMENT LOSES THE GREAT VACCINE DEBATE Plotkin on Vaccines Continues; Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky; Homeopathy in Danger

Jan 17, 2019

Breaking: France, Costco Reject Round-Up; Cancer Expert's Shocking Death; Vaccine Risk Awareness Tops Charts; Plotkin on Vaccines; Ethical Uprising at BMJ